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"Lee has been instrumental in developing our next generation aerospike rocket nozzle and has led the way on rocket testing for our company on many projects.  He has become a staple in our engineering process, whenever we have a problem big or small, we tend to run it by him first before moving to the next step.  Invariably, he has an inspired solution on how to implement a better process at a cheaper cost than all of his competitors.  We are lucky to work with him and happy to refer any of our industry friends to him."

Christopher J. Craddock, Founder, RocketStar, LLC


"...Mr. Wooldridge left DISA with a fully functional and comprehensive training analysis and management system based on analysis of over 3800 task topics with over 4700 related training interventions with the capability of tracking the training of over 7800 employees with over 352 core position descriptions. His support for business process engineering and strategic planning helped make the early civilianization of DISA’s activities possible.  The DISA migration and downsizing, considered to be one of the major success stories in modern Government, was successful due in part to the involvement of Lee Wooldridge at all levels of the organization and his ability to integrate information from a multitude of diverse sources..."

Fred Norman, Defense Information Systems Agency, 2008, (Retired).


"...his implementation of automated solutions has always been on schedule and effective.  With the assistance of his customized automated systems we have seen productivity gains in our career program ... His systems have performed so well that they required absolutely no maintenance from early 2005 until revisions were undertaken to support the transition to NSPS in September of 2007.   Mr. Wooldridge has gone above and beyond in terms of customer service and has often implemented minor system updates in less than 24 hours from the time the need was identified.  His time to provide major system updates is measured in weeks rather than the usual months or years encountered with other sources.  Mr. Wooldridge has provided consistent, excellent and responsive service that fully met DeCA's needs time and time again..."

Kristen Ogden, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), 2008.


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